Efod - Beautiful, Fast & Free Shopify Theme

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Why Efod?

We do understand, that conversion is the most important thing for your business. That’s why we are here to help you maximize conversion. Efod are developed based on shopify v0.2 OS, what’s matter to you? It’s run faster.

Remember, the faster your website means the faster they will convert to payment.

Efod are great for man clothing business with any catalog size. Give it a shot by download our theme. Click the button below to download .zip file.

Or, you can preview the theme use the password: plemeu

Even it is free and unofficially launch on shopify theme store, if you need more help to customize more our theme, just drop us an email.

Features & Version Updates

Main Features (Current version v0.2):

  • Popup bar with newsletter integration
  • Popup bar comes with 3 different layout option: Full popup, Side right and Side left
  • Basic 3 color options: Accent 1, Accent 2 and Gradient
  • Style customization:
    • Color customization
    • Layout width customization